Summer Poison Control Update

Poison centers nationwide take more than 6,600 calls a day during the height of summer season, a thousand more a day than in January. 

When they're out of school, children may roam freely around the house and yard with minimal supervision. Make sure all toxic substances, such as charcoal lighter fluid and paint thinner, are out of their reach and that medications are stored securely in a locked area.

Keep in mind, many insect populations are at their peak during the summer. To decrease your chance of being bitten or stung, avoid using perfumes, scented lotions and scented cosmetics, and avoid wearing brightly colored or patterned clothing. Also avoid going barefoot. If someone does get bitten or stung, call the Poison Center so they can tell you the signs of an allergic reaction such as a sore throat or hives.


If you have teens, it's important to know the dangers of synthetic drugs, also known as "spice," "genie," or "K2."  Although it is sometimes found in legal retail locations or online, it is not tested, so it may contain a variety of unsafe chemicals and cause side effects that users are not expecting. The chemicals in synthetic drugs affect the same brain receptors as marijuana, but may be up to 100 times as potent as marijuana.  The use of this drug is high among young people because it often can't be detected in standard drug tests.  In 2012, synthetic marijuana was the second most common illicit drug used by high school seniors, after marijuana.  It can be purchased in several different forms, such as incense, potpourri, or herbal infusions for drinking, and is often labeled "not for human consumption."


For questions or concerns, call the Texas Poison Center Network experts at 1-800-222-1222. If the victim experiences any difficulty breathing, call 911 immediately.  

(Excerpt from Texas Poison Center Network, Poison Alert: School's Out for Summer)

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